At our headquarters in China, we have a factory of 2700 square meters. The staffing includes electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, product appearance designers, quality inspectors, warehouse managers, incoming inspectors and assembly workers. The maximum monthly production capacity is 3000 electric bikes.
With the support of a professional team, we can focus on product R & D and design and customize products according to the characteristics of different regions and customer needs. In an average of three months, we will replace new products to cater to the needs of the mid- to high-end consumer market.
We also have strict requirements in terms of product quality control, from small parts to complete vehicle assembly. The vehicle will go through a series of professional evaluations such as flat road test, bumpy road test, and uphill test to ensure that the products received by customers meet the standards. At the same time, we have set up multiple service centers overseas, which can provide convenient after-sale protection for overseas markets.


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