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All-new HUA SHAN is a powerful electric mountain bike equipped with mid drive 1000 watts motor.  Assembled professional FLOAT X shock and suspension fork FOX 38, ROCKET is designed for mountain riding. 29 inch extra-large diameter tires provide greater traction and superior climbing ability. ROCKET S must the best choice for mountain bikers. 

  • BAFANG G510 1000W



    ① Seat Tube 440mm 470mm
    ② Seat Tube Angle 71.5° 71.5°
    ③ Head Tube 130mm 130mm
    ④ Head Tube Angl 64° 64°
    ⑤ Bottom Bracket Offset -8 -8
    ⑥ Chain Stay 470mm 470mm
    ⑦ Top Tube (horizontal) 610mm 638mm
    ⑧ Length Specified Fork +Headset 585mm 585mm
    ⑨ Offset Specified Fork 44mm 44mm
    ⑩ Length Specified Shock 250/230mm 250/230mm
    ★ Travel Specified Shock 75/65mm 75/65mm
    ⑪ Rear Wheel Travel 187.4/167.3mm 187.4/167.3mm
    ★ Maximum Allowed Front Fork Travel 180mm 180mm
    ⑫ Wheelbase 1263mm 1291mm
    ⑬ Reach 440.8mm 468mm
    ⑭ Stack 631mm 631mm


As the most important part connecting shock to the frame, the replaceable conversion link makes it possible to switch easily between 230 and 250 shocks. Usually longer shocks provide a greater rear wheel travel, thus more aggressive riding may be allowed to deal with more complex road conditions.


turning point SCREWS

Stainless steel forged screws instead of the aluminum alloy ones that most brands use are adopted at turning point. Although losing the advantage in weight, they are increased in strength to cope with the strong torque of the motor.

internal cable routine

internal cable routine  

For optimal protection, all cables (wires, shift cables and brake cables) are routed almost completely through the frame. Through the cable hole at the head tube, they enter the internal tubes to achieve the most effective protection. The motor seat, through further improvement, may prevent the squeezing or pulling of the cables during compression.

virtual four link

four link    

Our outstanding suspension technology provides sensitivity off the top, with good mid-stroke support and plenty of end-stroke progressivity. The nice pop helps get the bike airborne whenever wanted, while the end-stroke progressivity makes sure the rear shock doesn't bottom out even on monster jumps. The high amount of anti-squat keeps the rear suspension neutral and improves pedal efficiency.




ROCKET S plusebike(3)

Choose internationally renowned brand accessories, and pass a number of professional tests such as battery explosion-proof test, uphill test, and electronic control system test. The 7-layer corrugated paper is used for packaging, which is strong and compressive to ensure that the electric vehicle is not damaged during transportation.

As an experienced electric bicycle manufacturer and supplier from China, PLUS EBIKE always produces high-quality OEM/ODM electric bicycles including mountain e-bike, city e-bike and folding e-bike. Service centers are set up in the UK and Switzerland, and the professional team of PLUS EBIKE provides high-quality and convenient after-sales service at any time.

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ROCKET S fox38 (6)
ROCKET S fox float x2 rearshox (4)