Top brands​​​​​​​
Professional procurement of cutting-edge brand components in the industry to ensure that the performance of electric vehicles is in the best state.
Hydraulic technology​​​​​​​
When assembling the vehicle, the frame bowl set is pressed in by the hydraulic machine to ensure that the bowl set is evenly deformed without deformation.​​​​​​​
Close to the frame when installing the controller, can achieve auxiliary heat dissipation of the body. At the same time, there are heat dissipation holes in the installation place to achieve double heat dissipation to reduce the loss of the controller due to heat.​​​​​​​
Wire arrangement​​​​​​​
The wiring of the wire adopts a unique arrangement method to ensure that the wire is simple, neat and beautiful. At the same time, the outer part of the electric wire is covered with a protective tube, which can effectively protect the electric wire from being damaged when the vehicle is tipped or rubbed.​​​​​​​
Professional evaluation​​​​​​​
The assembled electric car will pass a series of professional evaluations such as flat road test, bumpy road test, and uphill test to ensure that the battery life, shock absorber, power and other performance standards are met.


All components will be inspected carefully before assembly. Frame welding requires smooth flow lines and accurate wheel positioning. The paint needs to be smooth, transparent, no impurities, no scratches, no color difference.​​​​​​​
Galvanized screws​​​​​​​
All screws are galvanized screws with sealant attached to the surface, and the rust-proof grade is high. The nuts are all anti-drop nuts, which effectively prevents the screws from falling off during use.​​​​​​​
Performance Testing​​​​​​​
The electric control system will go through performance testing before loading to avoid unnecessary repeated loading and unloading.​​​​​​​
Paint protection​​​​​​​
There are professional protective measures for the frame when assembling the vehicle to prevent scratching the paint surface. After the assembly is completed, fine paint will be repaired for the small paint wear on the installation site, the wires will be sorted, and even the small straps will be polished again.​​​​​​​
Accurately install the mudguard to ensure a close fit with the frame, and it is firm and not loose during use.
The brake oil discs are carefully assembled and the length of the oil pipe is accurate to ensure the best function of the brake function.


When packaging and shipping, use soft materials to specially wrap the frame to protect the paint part. Keys, chargers, screwdrivers and other parts are packed separately to avoid missing small accessories. The product packaging material is solid and strong in compression. Multiple anti-collision fillers are included in the box to ensure that the product reaches the customer's hands and remains intact.



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