Daily maintenance of electric bikes

Daily maintenance needs to avoid the following situations as much as possible

Nine factors will shorten the life of your electric bike, improper use, environmental factors and natural factors; these may cause damage to your electric bike performance.
•Improper use: wading too deep, speeding, running with excessive weight
•Environmental factors: hot sun, sand erosion, rain immersion
•Natural factors: bumps, vibrations, wear

The storage method of electric bikes

1. Please store your electric bike in a flat, stable, well-ventilated and dry place.
2. Please avoid exposure of your electric bike to the sun and rain to prevent damage or aging of parts.
3. Please use tap water and neutral detergent to scrub the electric bike, to avoid the chemical reaction between acid and alkaline water and the vehicle parts, and reduce the service life of the vehicle.
4. If you store the electric bike for a long time, please fully charge the battery before use.
5. When the weather is hot, the cushion will be hot for a long time in the sun. It is recommended to install a sun-proof mat or place it in a cool place to avoid burning your skin while riding.