Types and Characteristics of shock absorbing front fork of mountain bike

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Getting started: types and characteristics of shock absorbing front fork of mountain bike

The front fork of mountain bike is an important part of mountain bike. For friends preparing to start mountain bike, the question often asked is: is the front fork really important? In fact, the quality of mountain bike front fork will directly affect the off-road performance and riding comfort of mountain bike. Therefore, you should choose different mountain bike front forks according to your riding environment. Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand the types and characteristics of mountain bike front forks.


Composition name of shock absorber front fork

Let's first popularize the appearance of the shock-absorbing front fork and the names of various parts. Common shock-absorbing front forks are composed of upper tube (rudder tube), fork shoulder, shoulder cover, travel tube (inner tube), fork barrel (outer tube), fork foot, brake seat, etc.


Shock absorber front fork classification

As the name suggests, shock absorption is a necessary function of its existence. When riding under the action of gravity and resistance, the shock absorption front fork is compressed to the extreme, then rebounds and repeats such actions continuously, which greatly reduces unnecessary bumps during riding, provides a more comfortable riding feeling, and has the effect of avoiding injury and rollover. Now, let's look at the types of shock absorbing media of the shock absorbing front fork. It can be basically classified into: Youli rubber front fork, spring front fork, oil spring front fork, oil gas front fork and double gas front fork..

Youli rubber front fork:

In the past, it was often used as a shock absorber for mountain bikes, but now it is very rare. Youli adhesive is made of polyurethane material, with light weight, simple structure and relatively low maintenance requirements. However, due to the increasing front fork travel in recent years, Youli rubber had to withdraw from the market because of its own defects. Because this material needs to be stacked high to achieve long stroke shock absorption, it can not be compared with springs and air forks.


Spring front fork:

Spring is used as shock absorber. Its structure is simple. Generally, there is a spring on one side of the front fork or both sides, and the former is in the majority. This kind of fork has low cost and low price. The famous brand is generally about 300 yuan, and the second-line brand is generally about 200 yuan. This fork generally has the function of soft and hard adjustment. Different soft and hard can be obtained by compressing the spring. At the same time, a certain stroke should be lost. When a fork with a nominal diameter of 80mm is adjusted to the hardest cleaning condition, it will lose a stroke of about 20mm.


Oil spring front fork:

This word should be understood separately: oil resistance + spring. This kind of fork adds oil damping on the other side of the spring on the basis of the spring front fork. Oil damping is to use oil to adjust the speed of spring rebound. This kind of fork generally has rebound adjustment and locking function on the basis of adjusting soft and hard, and some have stroke adjustment function. The price of this product varies greatly, ranging from 400-1000 yuan. Generally, this fork has no advantage in weight, but the locking function can show great advantages in flat road and climbing.


Oil and gas front fork:

This is similar to the oil spring fork above, except that the air pressure is used instead of the spring as the shock absorber. Adjust the hardness and softness by pumping air. Generally, for drivers of different weights, there will be different air pressure values. This kind of front fork can be lighter in weight because it uses air instead of spring, which is generally less than 1.8kg. But relatively speaking, the price is higher, generally more than 1500 yuan. This kind of fork also has the function of springback and locking.


Double gas front fork:

 the negative pressure spring is replaced by the negative pressure chamber. The soft and hard (rebound speed) of the front fork can be adjusted by adjusting the air pressure of the negative and positive gas chambers. This is a high-end product. The effect of adjusting the hardness of the front fork with double air chambers will be better. The weight is lighter, about 1.6kg. But the price is relatively higher, generally above 2K.