This is the best electric bike of 2020

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For many cycling enthusiasts, being able to stop at any time and feel the details around the road, air, temperature, is the greatest charm of cycling


Customers are also very satisfied with our new product "OCHE".

She feels that an electric bike can give her freedom and perspective that a car does not. Whether it is exploring the charm of the city or the breath of nature, it is handy.

OCHE01 (6)

"This electric bike is very light and folds up to save space. It can be easily placed in my car and taken to farther places. Of course, it is also very easy to ride in the city." The customer said.


“The greatest convenience that riding an electric bike brings me is that you can stop and get close to the beautiful things you encounter on the way.” Customers who love electric bicycles think so.

Easily go where you want to go, the wheels are pressed over the scattered leaves on the ground, you can most directly feel that it is autumn now.


Customers love cycling and life more.

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Cycling in the city, you can stop at any time when you see a store that looks good. For those who love to explore food, this couldn't be better.