2021 most fashion color display for electric bike

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The display is a window to reflect the status of the electric bike, and it is also one of the accessories that many cycling enthusiasts want to upgrade. Plusebike list some followig problems:

The display degree of the display is not high, and the displayed content cannot be seen clearly in strong sunlight.
The surface is rough, and the water in the rain affects the viewing effect.
The waterproof level is low, and water can easily enter and cause short circuits.
The material is inferior, and the meter is easy to break.
An error is displayed and does not match the controller.
屏幕截图 2020-11-30 140525

A good display must have several characteristics: high transparency and smooth surface, high display, and good waterproof performance.

Plusebike choose this one KD986 to compared with other displays.

屏幕截图 2020-11-30 140547

High luminance colored LCD with special technology( The glass lens fully and seamlessly fits to screen for better display effects). Holographic screen, it looks like a smart phone when the display is switched off. The visual effect is good both from different angles and under strong sunshine.

Glass lens, full screen, with no plastic edge

New appearance, more fashionable, high sense of science and technology

Plusebike display side has no fixed cable harness. Fully apply the latest technology of board-end-connector to the displays. Thus the supply cycle is greatly shortened. It is easier for replacement.

The most reassuring thing is that our display will confirm the controller model with you before it is sold, and will only ship it after it is matched and ready for use. In this way, you can install and use the instrument directly after receiving it.

The display is in stock, if you like, please leave me a message.